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McDonald's case study: Business expansion

McDonald's SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis of McDonald's

The McDonalds' case study focuses on the multinational fast-food giant McDonald's Corporation. Below, you'll find a detailed McDonalds SWOT analysis of the corporation. The case study will help you better understand the McDonalds case study assignment help. This case study identifies the main factors influencing your business operation by performing a McDonald's PESTLE Analysis case study. Your answer must include examples of McDonalds case study marketing while including personal experiences and approaches a small business can adopt and use from the corporate business strategy.

A case study on McDonald's corporation

McDonald's is the largest fast-food outlet in the world today and has over 37,850 outlets worldwide. The company started on April 15, 1955, in San Bernardino, California, United States. With a staff of 1.9 million in 100 countries, McDonald's has become the latest employee of 4. The official logo of the fast-food chain, as we know today, the double-arched 'm’ was introduced in the year 1962 whereas the clown that represents the fast-food company, Ronald Mcdonald, emerged as the face for them in 1963. At the same time, the brand has tried to expand its product range without supplying burgers and fries for breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes, and rolls. McDonald's is consistently known for its affordable burgers and fries and accessible to McDonald's customers. To cater to every customer's needs and, most importantly, to enter new international markets, McDonald's needs to make drastic changes in its product range and strategy.

McDonald's SWOT & PESTLE analysis

In the section of McDonalds information system case study, which highlights, the aspect of the PESTLE analysis on McDonald's and SWOT analysis of McDonald's refers to the social conditions that support or limit McDonald's business.  It also discusses the McDonalds case study marketing strategy of the corporation.

SWOT analysis McDonalds

  • Strength: McDonald's is the tenth most valuable brand in the world. With incredible brand value, the company controls the restaurant industry regardless of fierce competition. McDonald's French fries are considered the best-flavored fries in the fast-food industry. By the end of 2018, there were 37,850 restaurants in 120 countries, of which 35,085 franchises and the rest were company-operated restaurants.
  • Weakness: McDonald's is a prime example of an international franchise model. However, this complex web of franchised and company-run restaurants exposes the brand to certain risks. McDonald's is involved in several lawsuits and other legal cases in the course. For example, there are many cases involved with the trademark issue.
  • Opportunities: McDonald's should research green energy and green packaging solutions and incorporate these innovations as part of its marketing strategies and advertising. With a low-cost menu, McDonald's can attract low-income customers. It is an essential part, especially in recent times, when the global economy is struggling. Implementing a low-cost menu in all restaurants is not difficult for McDonald's.
  • Threats: With the fast-food industry's growth, many new fast food brands are entering the market. With rising arrears cases among Americans, fast food chains like McDonald's continue to monitor their previous product offerings. From an environmental point of view, if McDonald's use HCFC-22 (Hydrochlorofluorocarbon) gas, it will lose customers, especially those who care about the land.

McDonald's PESTLE analysis

  • Political:

McDonald's is also affected by government tensions between countries. For example, United States relations with the United Kingdom have good. And communication with Russia can be questionable. Although there are restaurants around the world, McDonald's is an American company. Complaints between government parties can transfer existing trade agreements, creating a hostile environment for McDonald's to work abroad.

  • Economic:

It is not just the United States economy that is contributing to McDonald's success. The economy of every country they work for will ultimately affect their results. They have to decide whether to buy or ship the raw materials locally. The number of tariffs on imported resources and foreign merger taxes plays a vital role in this decision.

  • Social:

Consumers notice everything they put into their bodies. We see an increase in low carb and low sugar diet. People are jumping on the bandwagon of Intermediate Fasting.s  Because many of us are health conscious and eat good food. Unfortunately, McDonald's menu does not meet these demands, making it a less desirable option for health-conscious adults.

  • Technology:

In recent times, McDonald's hung its e-menu behind its cashier with attractive television screens. They also use their website to display nutritional information. Now McDonald's has new paints, chairs, and tables to match their fancy flat-screen menu displays. They also offer free Wi-Fi to encourage more customers to order and stay.

  • Legal:

Regulation has always been a big concern for any organization. As a company in the fast-food industry, McDonald's must meet specific legal requirements, such as labor and employment law, corporate law, and tax requirements, to name a few.

  • Environmental:

McDonald's responded to criticism of using polystyrene by paper-based packaging, which decomposes very quickly into organic matter in the atmosphere. Earlier, with more than 60 million people buying food from McDonald's daily, it's a lot of polystyrene waste packaging, which has landed in landfills.

  • Conclusion:

Being versatile and doing what many other fast-food giants do can help McDonald's become a better service company by trying to offer something that every customer wants. They can improve their customer service to ensure every new customer leaves satisfied and to return. This McDonald's case study highlights the critical aspects of McDonald's SWOT analysis and McDonald's PESTLE analysis of this food chain corporation. Readers will get an in-depth knowledge of how the corporation’s business function is there in a competitive market and the McDonalds case study marketing. McDonald's case study will also help a student to get a clear glimpse into the past as well as the present client success stories or sales empowerment strategies opted by the company to stand out from the crowd. It also allows a student to deliver to the point and nearly accurate forecasts of the expenditure and earning by the fast-food company.

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