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Sociology Assignment Help

Get in-depth knowledge of topics covered in our Sociology Assignment Help service We are a recognized platform for your requirements. Grab our Sociology Assignment Help service and experience a stress-free life. Our Ph.D. experts are capable enough in handling multiple disciplines.

Basic sociology concepts

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  •        Concepts of Social Structure: Society, Community, Structure
  •        Organization; Institutions and Association Status
  •        Role and its types ? Culture and Civilization
  •        Norms and Values
  •        Social Groups and its types: Primary and Secondary group
  •        A formal and informal group
  •        In?Group, Out-Group
  •        Reference group
  •        Social stratification and its forms
  •        Slavery, estate, caste, class and status groups
  •        Social Control, Deviance, Anomie
  •        Disorganization
  •        Basic Social Institutions
  •        Family: Classification of family
  •        Functions of family  
  •        Marriage: Marriage and its types
  •        Marriage as a social contract and sacrament Kinship
  •        Kinship terms and usages  

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Techniques of data collection

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  •        Scientific Method in Social Research
  •        Methodology; Methods and Techniques
  •        Research Design ? Exploratory, Descriptive
  •        Experimental Types of research? Qualitative
  •        Quantitative and Triangulation Property
  •        Quantitative Research Techniques: 
  •        Sampling and its types of Social Surveys
  •        Questionnaire, schedule, interview, scaling  
  •        Qualitative Research Techniques:   
  •        Observation, life history, Case Study,
  •        Content Analysis focused group interview
  •        conversational analysis, Cooperative inquiry,
  •        Participatory Rural Appraisal
  •        Grounded Theory
  •        Statistical Analysis and Computer application
  •        Variables and its types

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Modern sociological theories

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  •        Functionalist Perspectives Talcott Parsons
  •        Voluntaristic theory of social action
  •        Pattern variables
  •        Functional Prerequisites of the social system  
  •        Robert K. Merton: the paradigm of functional analysis
  •        reference group, middle-range theories,
  •        Influentials Jeffrey Alexander
  •        Neo: functionalism Critiques:
  •        R. Collins: interaction ritual chains and theory of conflict
  •        Structuralist and Conflict Perspectives 
  •        Claude Levi-Strauss- Structuralism   
  •        L. Althusser – structural Marxism
  •         Ideological state apparatus                       
  •        Anthonio Gramsci- Hegemony Critiques:                    
  •        Dahrendorf- The class and class conflict in industrial societies   

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Sociology of development

A basic understanding of every field is not known by every individual. If some topics are hard for your assigned assignment, you can take our assignment help service. Have a look at some of the assignment topics handled by our subject matter experts.

  •        Some Basic Concepts Introduction to Sociology of Development
  •        Growth, progress, modernization, development
  •        developmentally, underdevelopment
  •        involution, human development
  •        social development, sustainable development captive mind
  •        Theories of Development and its Critiques    
  •        Development and Socioeconomic Disparities Development and Gender
  •        Development and marginalized groups
  •        development and new peasant movements
  •        development and ethnic movements
  •        Contemporary Concerns on Development Food security
  •        health care, sustainable agriculture
  •        Two recent articles prescribed by the departmental committee   

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Political sociology

There are so many topics that are not possible that you might know each and everything in that. You can avail of our services quickly. Check out some of the topics submitted by our experts. 

  •        Basic Concepts Interrelationship between polity and society
  •        Political socialization
  •        Political culture, Political efficacy, Political Modernization
  •        Protest, Bureaucracy, Coercion, Consensus, and Hegemony
  •        Elites and leaders, factions
  •        Politics as a vocation,  Nation-building
  •        Civil society, Local power structure
  •        Theories of Political Sociology    
  •        Classical theories – Durkheim, Max Weber,
  •        Karl Marx Elitist theories – Mosca, Pareto, Mitchels, Mills   
  •         Pluralist theories – Tocqueville, Dahl
  •        Political Parties, Interest Groups
  •        Political processes in India
  •        Political Parties: Types, characteristics
  •        social composition and recruitment
  •        participation, Interest aggregation
  •        mobilization and articulation
  •        The political apathy of Political parties

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Population studies and gerontology

How well do you know your topic? Are you a bit confused about maintaining sociology assignment work? If you don’t want to work on assignments take our help. Hire our professionals now. Check out some past assignment topics.

  •        Basic Concepts and Theories of Population  
  •        Population studies, Social demography Sources of population data: Population Census, Vital registration, Sample Surveys,  
  •        Population Structure: Age,  Composition, Family Size,
  •        Population Dynamics:  Fertility, fecundity
  •        Crude Birth Rate, sterility, conception,
  •        Contraception, mortality, Crude Death Rate, infant mortality, morbidity, migration Population Theories: Malthusian, optimum population; 
  •        Demographic transition; contemporary theories
  •        Population Growth and its Implications in India
  •        Implications of Population growth on family, development
  •         slums and unemployment with population growth Population Policies
  •        Family Planning and Family Welfare  Population Education  

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Advanced social theories

It might be a bit challenging when you have to work for both assignments as well as solutions for your marketing subject. If you don’t have any interest in doing your assignments, reach out to us. We will immediately help you out with this. Check out some past assignment topics handled by our team.

  •        Basic Concepts- Post-modernity
  •        Post-colonialism
  •         Micro-Macro integration
  •        Deconstruction
  •        Power and knowledge
  •        Structuration
  •        Agency-Structure, Habitus
  •        McDonaldisation; Risk society; Post-emotional Society
  •        Critical Theories
  •        Jurgen Habermas-Public Sphere
  •        Dialectics of Enlightenment  
  •        Postmodern Theories   
  •        Michael Foucault-Discourse, Knowledge &Power  Lyotard-
  •        The postmodern condition  Jacques Derrida
  •        Deconstruction     Critique:  Judith Butler: Feminist Theory
  •        The Changing World Order  Anthony Giddens- Structuration,
  •        The constitution of society

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