Refund Policy

  1. Our refund policy says that if you make a choice of cancelling the placed order prior to a writer being assigned to finish it, you can make booking of any other assignment that has the identical price, with no extra charges. However, if you desire to cancel the order after the writer has being assigned, then the order will proceed and cancelling will no longer be possible. The purpose for this is that the writer who undertakes the task is paid in advance for the work and have to be compensated for the work done.
  2. You just have to be make 50% payment while asking for Assignment Help, and after completing it, our team will send you a sample copy of your assignment. When you get satisfied with the sample, you have to pay remaining 50% balance within the time limit and we will send you the original copy of your assignment written by our specialists. But in case, if you are not happy and satisfied with the sample, you can always request for an another assignment.
  3. You can never get charged twice for a single piece of work, if it happens our payment processing system must send you a message of confirmation of both the receipts. You just have to contact our support team by mailing us both the receipts at We will send you the extra payment as soon as possible.
  4. We have a strong no cash refund policy (except the point no. 2). However, we can write an another assignment of the same value without asking for any extra charges.