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Preface: A psychology case study

A psychology case study refers to using a detailed research approach to obtain an in-depth analysis of an individual, group, or event. Various methods can be used, including personal interviews, direct observation, psychometric tests, and archival records. Studies in psychiatric research cases are often used in clinical research to explain rare events and situations contrary to well-established theories in psychology. Case study definition psychology is generally single-case designs and can also be multi-case designs, where the replica is an inclusion standard rather than a model.  As with other research methods in psychology, its case studies must provide valid and reliable results that will be useful for future research development.

Basics: How to write a psychology case study report?

Background information

The first part of your psychology case study report displays your client's background. Include topics such as age, gender, work, health status, family mental health history, family and social relationships, drug and alcohol history, life difficulties, goals, and coping skills and weaknesses.

Description of the problem submitted

In the next part of your psychology case study, you will describe the client's problem or symptoms. Describe any physical, mental, or sensory symptoms reported by the client. Considerations for thoughts, feelings, and traits should also be noted. Any screening or clinical assessments used should also be detailed, and all scores reported.

Your diagnosis Provide your diagnosis and code the appropriate diagnostic and statistical manual. Describe how you came to your diagnosis, how the client's symptoms fit the disorder's diagnostic criteria (s), or whether there are any difficulties in approaching the diagnosis.

Section 2: Intervention

The second part of your psychology case study focuses on the interventions used to help the client. Your instructor will ask you to choose from a specific theoretical perspective or briefly ask for two or more therapies.

Cognitive-behavioral approach

Explain how the cognitive-behavioral therapist will approach treatment. Provide background information on cognitive-behavioral therapy and describe treatment sessions, client feedback, and outcomes of this type of treatment. Focus on the difficulties or successes your client experienced during treatment.

Humanitarian perspective

Describe the humanitarian approach that can be used for your client, such as client-centered treatment. Provide information about the type of treatment you choose, the client's response to treatment, and this approach's result. Explain why the treatment was successful or not.

Psychoanalytic approach

Explain how the psychiatrist sees the client's problem. Provide some background on psychoanalytic approaches and cite relevant suggestions. Explain how psychotherapy is used to treat the client, how the client responds to the treatment, and its impact.

Example: Psychology case study digest

One of the greatest case study examples of psychology is Kim Peek, an American savant with an exceptional memory. Peek, who died in 2010 at the age of 58, was nicknamed Dustin Hoffman's Autistic Savant in the multi-Oscar-winning film Rain Man, nicknamed by his friends P. Kim-Puter. Peek himself was born with brain abnormalities, including a non-autistic savant, a clumsy cerebellum, and an absent corpus callosum (usually a large bundle of tissue connecting the two hemispheres). His professional skills include astonishing and calendar calculations and good knowledge of history, literature, classical music, US pin codes, and travel routes. He is estimated to have read 12,000 books during his lifetime; all committed to memory. Despite being outgoing and friendly, Peek had coordination issues and struggled with abstract or conceptual thinking.

Advantage of availing Allassignmentservices’ psychology case study writing service

Psychology case studies often helped to study the personality of a particular person. Writing a  Psychology Case Study must have a detailed investigation and give details of a person's history and current circumstances. Your psychology case study report should include information about the person's family history, educational background, history of mental health issues, employment record, and medical history.

Writing a psychological case study can be time-consuming and challenging. Still, these days it seems to be the most effective way to assess students' abilities and level of understanding of topics recently discussed in the classroom. The psychology case studies writing has a wide range of educational capabilities because it connects different developmental learning methods:

  • Problem-solving method;
  • Research method;
  • Project type;
  • Disturbing method;
  • Scholarly discussion method etc.

There is a problem with any case study. Students in psychology case studies do not have open-end problems. They must define them and analyze the information contained in the case details. The psychology case study paper examplesis an essence is that from a set of alternative options, following the developed criteria, a student should select the most desirable psychology case study solution and develop a model for its implementation. It is a tool to find new solutions to a problem.

As you can see, writing a Psychology Case Study is not easy and requires strong analytical and critical thinking skills. Suppose you are not confident in your ability to do this difficult task on your own. In that case, you can easily get online psychology case study help if you hire psychology case study writing experts in our paper writing service. Allassignmentservices help you write a case study about developmental psychology, psychiatry, or any other psychology case study online. Our experienced authors can provide you with a great written model case study that will serve as a great psychology case study template for you.

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