Our Privacy Policy

The privacy policy noted here belongs to www.allassignmentservices.com. This privacy coverage is created to assist you in perceiving our system of handling all records that you provide to us, which would in addition help you in taking discerning decisions involving the use of our services. If you are accessing or using our services, you directly agree to follow the guidelines of this privacy policy

It is distinctly recommended that you use our assignments related services solely after analysing and understanding the content material referred to in this privacy policy. If you discover any unresolved or conflicting privacy noted in this document, please contact our support crew


Type of information we collect from you

When you register on our website for using our services, you would possibly have to provide us some obligatory Personal Identifiable Information(PII), such as your name, your email address, your country, your branch or subject, and your grade level. In case you are in search of ‘Assignment Help’, you might also have to provide some exceptionally private data like - credit/debit card information, your bank account information, etc.

If you are not comfortable with providing any of the above stated information, then you can also not register on our website. In case of hesitation in presenting financial details, you will not be able to avail our Assignment Help services.

Cookies and other tracking information

Our system collects cookies, beacons and tags, just for analysing the trends and maintaining the information of our users in order to provide maximum satisfaction to them. The data we collect helps us in making our website more consumer friendly.

If you ever feel uncomfortable with sharing your information with us, you can always turn off the request. We believe in protecting the privacy of our customers.

Do we share your information?

No, we can never disclose your personal identifiable information to any third parties. However, we have the right to reveal your information only when demanded by the law in order to help the judicial proceedings, legal procedures and court order from our website.

What we do with your personal information?

We use your information in order to :

  1. Assist you with your assignment writing.
  2. Handle the transactions.
  3. Receive feedbacks, complaints and queries.
  4. To contact you, after work completion or in case of any emergency.
  5. Display content based on your cookies
  6. Make our website more user friendly.

Promise of protecting your information

We at allassignmentservices.com takes full authority in protecting and securing the information provided by our customers. Your account information is protected by a very strong firewall. However, if you wish to close your account from our website, it does not mean that the information we have gathered will get deleted too.

When you share your highly sensitive details such as – Credit and Debit card details, we make sure that we encrypt the transmission of data using a secure socket layer technology (SSL).

If you face any difficulties and have more questions related to our security and data protection, you can always contact us info@allassignmentservices.com

Changes in our privacy policy

Please understand that, we have the authority and all rights to update/change our privacy policy anytime. We always update our customers, if we make any changes. Moreover, if you still face any problems, our support team info@allassignmentservices.com is available 24×7 for your service.

Copyright Violations

The Copyright is the authorship given to the creator for a number of years to sell, publish, print, record or indirectly use the property to gain profit, or any other means. The authorship is with the original creator until and unless he/she doesn't gives consent to other people.

All Assignment Services ensures that our every single word is personally written by our professionally qualified and trained experts. We take the issue of copyright very seriously.

We immediately block and take action against any material that is found violating the rules under copyright law.

If you ever found and copied material on our website, so we request to please inform our support team at info@allassignmentservices.com by writing an email for immediate actions and results.