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Writing a medical case study and medical case study examples

The most challenging thing about a medical student is to write a medical case study and to decide what it should contain, and how detailed it should be. Should you include all the symptoms, or only those on which your diagnosis is based? Do you need to describe daily progress or not? Though you should try not to omit any essential details, writing a medical case study doesn't need to include everything. So the general advice is to leave not relevant information aside. Fortunately, the medical case study template follows the same format. And if you stick to it, you can be sure your case study includes everything needed. Read on to discover medical case study examples and what medical case study sample should contain.

Sneak Peek: Medical case study

A medical case study is a tool to disseminate new knowledge gained from clinical practice. Medical case studies for students often see cases of a patient with a previously unknown condition, the complaint of a known disease, abnormal side effect or adverse reaction to the treatment approach or new approach to the general medical condition. Therefore, the clinical case report discusses the signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of a disease. A medical case study is the first line of evidence in the medical literature because they present original observations and are an excellent way for medical students and physicians with academic writing.

Medical case study template: Writing a medical case study

The medical case study investigates pathologies along with causes, mechanisms, and treatments. But for drafting this information, a proper format is essential. Hence, let's look at the format which is required.

  • Introduction

 The introduction begins with the introduction of each paper, and the medical case study is no exception. It is one of the most challenging parts because you can include this information here on why you chose this topic and why it is essential.

  • Difficulties in diagnosis or treatment

Itis wrote in narrative form. The information may include the patient's words on his or her treatment, test results, and the patient's feelings.

  • Maintenance and Outcomes

 In this section, you should write down all the details of the care received by the patient. Include the following details: Hospital stay. How long has the treatment used improved the course of treatment? If the treatment stops, then why

  • Case Discussion

After you have written the previous sections, you should include everything you have learned and give your opinion on the treatment and suggest your thoughts.

  • Acknowledge

In this section, you should acknowledge all those who supported your research and helped the patient. Make sure you keep the patient's personal information anonymous.

  • Reference

The last thing you need to include in your medical case study report is bibliographic information that will help you write.

The following six topics covered in the most medical case study.

  • Unexpected relation between diseases or symptoms.
  • An unexpected event during patient visit or treatment.
  • Research that shed new light on the pathogenesis of a disease or potential effects.
  • Unique or unusal symptoms of a disease.
  • Special treatment approach.
  • Position or quantitative variation of anatomical structures.

Medical case study examples

Before anyone starts writing a medical case study, one must know the different types of case studies that exist. Clinical case reports can fall into two categories.

Diagnosis-related: These include a case study which describes new, rare, or unusual disease; unusual presentation of a known disease; unusual or new aetiology for a known disease; new test or method of diagnosis; the unexpected association between diseases or symptoms; and diagnostic dilemma or challenge

Management-related: These include a case study which describes a new, novel, or improved treatment or surgical procedure; a new or rare side effect or complication of treatment; and therapeutic dilemma or challenge.

Besides these two broad categories, it can be on other issues such as a positional or quantitative variation of an anatomical structure; cases in which one patient has two or more unexpected diseases or disorders; new possible mechanism of injury; and an unusual injury pattern.

Medical case study examples

Example of a medical case study: Nurses' paediatric pain management practices

This case study approach to explore nurses' paediatric pain management practices. It involves collecting several datasets:

  • Observational information to gain a picture of actual pain management practices.
  • Queries about nurses' knowledge about paediatric pain management practices and how well they felt they managed pain in children.
  • Queries about how critical nurses perceived pain management tasks to be.


These datasets were analyzed separately and then compared and demonstrated that nurses' level of theoretical did not impact on the quality of their pain management practices. Nor did an individual nurse's perceptions of how critical a task affected the likelihood of them carrying out this task in practice. There was also a difference in self-reported and observed practices; actual (observed) practices did not conform to best practice guidelines, whereas self-reported practices tended to.

During the medical case study process, recommended diagnostic tests to confirm presumptions and medical interventions in line with literature evidence. A well balanced and holistic care plan is formulated, and prevention strategies for the future are identified whenever we seek to give out medical case study help.

Why students need medical case study writing help?

Medical students required to submit Medical case study assignments quite frequently during their college life. In case if anyone is not sure about the exact steps to draft medical case study papers, you can look at the medical case study examples online. Professional experts give outstanding guidance and tips on how to write it. If you are one of those students who aim to make it big in the future, our tutors will be happy to help you on this journey.

Are you also trying to draft flawless assignments but failing to add perfection to your work? We understand that it becomes quite hectic to compose a winning case study that will secure you the desired mark sheet of your dreams. The professionals can be your most trusted friend in your hour of need. Researchers of medical case study help do broad-spectrum research whenever you assign us with a complex topic. They do the in-depth research to jot down the necessary evidence to support your argument and also include diagrams, tables, charts and other unique details to ensure the assignment fetch the best grades students deserve.

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