SWOT And PESTLE Analysis of Nike

NIKE- SWOT & PESTLE Analysis of Nike

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About the Brand of Nike

Nike is a United States brand that deals in supplying sportswear and the registered told and equipment. The company has its headquarters in Oregon near Beaverton, and it got found in January 1964. Slowly and steadily, it became a brand worldwide and its leading supplier of sports equipment, athletic shoes, accessories, and apparel. Today it gets recognized globally, with several sports sponsors having an excellent reputation in the market. It serves the customers of the whole world by both the retail stores or through online shopping. It earns an annual income of more than US $83 Billion.

SWOT Analysis of Nike

SWOT of any company or brand stands for its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. So now let us have a quick review for Nike case study help of this company. Following is the SWOT analysis for the same:


1. A globally strong brand

2. Maximum flow of cash with less cost of its manufacturing

3. Influential and a reputable brand with a broad presence in the whole world

4. Innovation and the increasing number of products

5. Extremely high profile team of global leaders


1. Inclined more towards the footwear section

2. Expensive brand

3. Heavy expenditures on its advertising


1. Increased trade through e-Commerce

2. Emerging market in many countries across the globe

3. Options for expansion in the range of products


1. Fluctuations in the markets in a large number

2. One of the popular counterfeit brands

3. Increased competition in the market

PESTLE Analysis of Nike

For the management of any company to develop strategies, PESTLE analysis becomes imperative. These macro factors of environment help determine if the brand is suitable and can get adjusted in the market by considering several factors. It is a short form made from the first letter of six aspects of the environment. This analysis gets done when a company launches a new product or a service. This acronym stands for the following elements:

P – Political

E – Economic

S – Social

T – Technological

L – Legal

E – Environment

Every factor holds its importance for different companies differently. So now let us discuss, how PESTLE analysis plays a crucial role for Nike.

SWOT Analysis of Nike

How Political factors influence Nike?

Many manufacturing units of Nike are in Asian countries. To name a few, these Asian countries include – Vietnam, Thailand, etc. These countries have been carrying on with political interest for the last few years, and the situation of Nike’s manufacturing units has turned very gloomy.

Apart from this, policies implemented by the United States government are highly in favor of the brand. It has helped in the growth of the brand, which made it expand globally. But the international laws have changed over the years and have become more stringent. And this plays a major factor for influencer in SWOT And PESTLE Analysis of Nike.

How Economic factors impact the brand?

With the opening of new markets for the company, the competition also widely increased. Brands with refurbished and similar products got found in other markets which were offering much lower prices. So it turned the situation of recession for the brand.

Also, some of the factories got set up in countries where labor cost was extremely high. This further increased the cost of production, and due to this, there was a massive fluctuation in Nike’s profit margins.

How Social factors increased brand value?

The company became very famous to offer many innovations in the footwear section. Consumers became so brand conscious that they always choose Nike shoes over their brands to comfort and quality. So t brand awareness among the customers helped it to grow widely. It primarily targeted the female section of society by introducing a range of sports shoes and other accessories.

But the working condition of the factories of Nike is hazardous for the labor. The allegations for using sweatshops for the production of products have globally affected the brand name and reputation. Consumers prefer that company and brand which is socially aware and responsible in its conduct, policies, strategies, and manufacturing.

How technological factors benefit Nike?

The technological advancements have an opportunity for Nike to develop products free from any chemicals at the time of their manufacturing. It has been introduced as the Pioneer for developing a range of products in sports, including footwear, apparel, accessories, etc.

Every customer highly acknowledges all of its products in the entire world. The strategies of Nike keep on changing with the changing trends and needs in the market. It is the primary reason for its success.

How have Legal factors influenced the company?

Several legal cases are going on between Nike and the rival companies. On the top of the list comes the Adidas brand, which also deals in the supply of footwear. The cause-related to brand logos, using copyrights, misusing the companies’ confidential information, copying of the designs, making plans of marketing, and several other reasons. All these legal cases and lawsuits profoundly affect the brand value and the strategies that the company decided for its future. Using any player’s or player’s celebrity’s picture for the logo or advertising can also create trouble for the company.

Also, because of child labor in Pakistan and Columbia factories, the company had been accused. Several allegations have been made for misusing and going against the regulations of the minimum wage act. The company must take measures to prevent such practices and to abide by the legal framework of every country accordingly.

How environmental factors Impact the brand image?

The increasing global warming in the environment is a significant concern for the company. Using the latest technology helped Nike reduce pollution in the environment and eliminate waste from society. It formulated several strategies to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

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