List of Good Interesting Debate Topics for Students

good Debate topics

A debate is an act that includes a formal discussion and talks on a specific topic. A debate always has two sides, ‘for’ and ‘against’. Debates follow a particular composition: every team is granted a specific time to talk either for or against the subject at hand. In a debate, confronting arguments are put across to discuss opposing perspectives. Debates usually occur in public gatherings, educational institutions, and parliamentary assemblies. It is a conventional sort of discussion, mostly with an arbitrator and spectators, and the members among whom the debate is taking place. Ans these discussions/debates could be exciting if one has interesting debate topics.

Reasonable consistency, the accuracy of facts, and a remarkable range of emotional plead to the house are major components of debating. In debates, one team usually predominates the other by providing a better “context” or structure of a problem. In official debating competitions, there usually are customs and laws for members to abide by while holding discussions and settling on differences. These rules provide a structure describing how the participants will debate and discuss.

Debating is mostly done within debating halls and various types of assemblies to argue over matters and to make decisions about the action to be exercised, usually by means of voting. Contemplative bodies like parliaments, legislative assemblies, and conferences of various sorts take part in debates. Especially in parliamentary democracies, the legislature discusses and decides via votes on all new laws. Official debates among nominees for elected offices, like “the leaders’ debates”, are from time to time held in democracies. Debates are also executed for academic writing and enjoyment purposes, usually correlated to educational institutions and multiple debating societies.

Informal and panel debates are comparatively common, as presented by various TV shows like the Australian talk show. The result of the competition is usually decided by the audiences’ vote, by the judges, or by incorporating some element of the two. 

Numerous students study debate in school and college in order to enhance their communication skills. As a debater, it is essential for students to discover how to clearly frame and present their arguments. The skills that a student develops as a debater would go on to help them for everything be it college admissions interviews or job presentations.

A Few Things That Would Make A Student A Good Debater Are:

  1. Effective Communication
  • Follow the form of debating, formal or informal
  • Keep calm and do not start shouting to prove your point
  • Speak clearly when you talk so people can understand you clearly
  • Explain your logic and make sure that all your conclusions are backed by effective data and logic.
  • Be respectful and fair and do not get personal with your opposition in order to prove yourself right because that portrays that you argument is weak.
  • Act confident as it presents your points and arguments as believable and appealing.

     2. Choosing Your Arguments

  • Make sure that your arguments based on logic and use examples and ideas that present simple and direct reasoning. 
  • Try using arguments based on emotions and appeal to the heart and emotions of the people.
  • Use various arguments based on your own authority and credibility or someone else’s who supports your ideas.

     3. Improve Speaking and Delivery Skills

  • Omit filler words like um, uh as verbal hesitation make the audience think that you are struggling to find words.
  • Find synonyms for overused words and try making your speech look fresh throughout and not monotonous.
  • Speak slowly and enunciate on your strong points so that you give time to your audience to process those points.
  • Design your rebuttals calmly, take a deep breath and try speaking short and crisp sentences.

     4. Winning Debates

  • Do your research and know every perspective and angle of your debate topics for college essays so no opponent can ask a question that you do not have an answer for.
  • Look for logical fallacies in someone else’s debate, that would help you create doubt among the audience on their conclusion.
  • Look for weaknesses in the opposition’s argument and point them out to make yourself look stronger
  • Keep the topic on track and always try and make all your arguments in relation to your topic and nothing other than the perspective you are supporting.

It is important to find an efficient, inclusive and broad topic for debate. When finding interesting topics for debate, it is essential to assure that they are involving. While deciding on one topic, it is crucial to consider:

  •  What interests you 
  • Availability and accessibility of research materials
  • Academic level
  • Time to be devoted to the debate

A Few Good & Interesting Debate Topics Are:

  • All citizens should have the right to possess guns.
  • The death penalty of any individual should be abolished.
  • Human cloning should be authorized.
  • Animal testing should be banned.
  • Juveniles should be investigated and tried just like adults.
  • Climate change is the biggest threat faced by humanity.
  • Bottled water should be outlawed.
  • Single-use plastic should be banned.
  • Schools should prevent access to social media sites on their computers.
  • School uniforms should be mandatory.
  • Graded testing should be abolished.
  • All students should acquire an after-school job or work.
  • All student-athletes should be drug examined.
  • Homeschooling V/S traditional schooling.
  • Private schools V/S Public Schools.
  • All students should enroll in boarding schools.
  • Sexual education should be a part of the school curriculum.
  • Public colleges should be free of tuition fees.

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