Most Important Things Kindergarten Kid Should Know

Important Things Kindergarten Kids Should Know

With kindergarten, your kid starts a new chapter of their life. Also, the first experience of meeting the outside world starts here. This is the time when they start seeing the world in a new way. At this age, their thoughts and learning processes connect with each other. As a result, their mental growth sees a sharp rise. But, parents should understand about important things kindergarten kids should know. 

Kindergarten is a period of social and emotional development. Also, it is the period when kids develop their cognitive skills. 

Along with these, kids need to develop basic knowledge about everything. Stepping into kindergarten is undoubtedly a big step in their lives. The chariot of gaining knowledge begins to roll. 

However, parents need to ensure that their kids know some fundamental things. Knowing some basic things will only help them to socialize in a better way.

So, in this blog, let us talk about the skills required for a kindergarten kid.

What skills come under ‘Basic Skills’?

Veteran Kindergarten teachers opine that it is important for kids to have basic skills. It is because these skills give them the self-confidence to do things on their own.

Someone might ask why these are necessary? After all, kids go to kindergarten to acquire knowledge, they might say. 

Well, it is true that they go to kindergarten school to get knowledge. But, without self-help capabilities, they will have a hard time for sure.

Kindergarten schools are packed with young and energetic minds. Kids come from different backgrounds to stay together and learn. That is why parents should let their kids do things on their own. 

So, stop yourself the next time you go to zip up his pants or tie his shoes. Maybe they’ll not be able to do them on their own. They might fail, but they will grow. And maybe, they will not panic if you’re not around to do stuff for them.

Here are the top 10 important things kindergarten kid should know to grow their skills:

  1. Kids should know different colors and recognize them instantly.
  2. They should be able to recite A-Z or at least identify which alphabet is what.
  3. Toddlers must understand and recognize the basic shapes. 
  4. They should be able to hold a pencil, crayon or any other writing object. 
  5. Kids must know how to write their name. They must also know the basics of using capital letters in names. 
  6. Being able to count numbers at least to 10 will surely keep their confidence high.
  7. They must know what some essential words mean like ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘stop’ etc.
  8. Toddlers should also be capable of handling bathroom needs.
  9. Kids should know how to concentrate for at least 10-15 minutes in the class. 
  10. They should have story listening and memory retention capabilities. 

List of the Most Important things Kindergarten Kid should know

Skills needed for kindergarten kids

Understanding that Different Actions have Different Consequences

Maybe, it looked cute when your kid used to hit you for taking something from him. But, the habit won’t go anywhere if it remains unchecked. You can envision your kid getting punishments in school for doing the same with a classmate. 

That is why it is important to teach them basic skills. Parents need to make kids understand what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’. Also, they should teach them that all actions have consequences. So, they should choose their actions carefully. 

Not having any idea of this will be problematic to kids as they grow up. They might feel left alone for their behavior as they go to school. Therefore, before joining kindergarten, they should know it.

Speaking Sentences in a Clear Manner

Being able to communicate effectively is something important for kids. It is one of the basic skills required for a kindergarten kid. It will help them ask questions or answer teachers. Also, they will be able to freely communicate with their classmates. 

Parents should make toddlers practice speaking short sentences first. But, they need to ensure that they speak it in a legible way. Without speaking clearly, kids might develop speech problems later. Thus, it is essential to have good conversation skills even before they start their schooling.

Using Words to Express Needs

Of course, kindergarten kids will not have a wide range of needs. But, regardless of the minor needs they have, they should be capable of putting it in words.

So, here we are talking about the basics, just like the other things. Knowing how to express yourself in a social environment is important. It also contributes to the kid’s academic growth largely. Besides, it also makes a kid more poised and fit for social life.

Knowing how to express likes and dislikes through words is one part of this. Not only does it make a kid more socially strong, but it also increases their confidence. After all, kids who throw stuff or scream to express denial is simply menace.

Telling a Story Sequentially

Telling kids stories is a great way to increase their conversational skills. Parents should make kids summarize a story back to them in a sequential structure. Doing so will strengthen their capabilities to understand the composition and summarize it. This is one of the basic skills that increase their ability to communicate sophisticated ideas.

Learning how to organize a story while telling it is something young children struggle with. Sometimes, they fail to tell it in a sequential manner. Other times, they forget it or miss some points. This can hamper their academic career in the future. 

Thus, retelling stories is something that can solve this problem. Parents should always inspire kids to do that even before kindergarten.

Nurturing the “Sharing is Caring” Attitude

Undoubtedly, this is one of those important things kindergarten kid should know. Raising this habit in the right way can only be hugely beneficial to their lives ahead.

It is obvious that kindergarten will solidify your kid’s sharing attitude. They will make them play games with each other. Kindergarten teachers also teach kids to respect each other. 

Understanding why it isn’t good to just snatch a toy from someone is vital. It is one of the basic social skills we all must have. Also, waiting for one’s turn instead of fighting for it is important to understand.

But, all of these should be first taught at home. Even the best kindergarten teachers might still fail to teach good things to a spoilt kid.

Counting Numbers Correctly and Consistently

Being able to count numbers at least from 1 to 10 is important. Kindergarten students should be able to count both correctly and consistently. It is one of the foundation steps in learning Math. Without having fluent counting, they cannot learn other different things. Mathematic skills like addition, subtraction, understanding different signs will all be in vain.

Relevantly, counting is one of the toughest skills that kids learn in kindergarten. To do it without errors, they first need to recognize the numbers. Then, they should go to counting and finally to arranging numbers. 

However, kids need to practice doing all of these without the help of anyone. Only then they will be able to master the basics of Math.

Knowing How to Express and Understand Feelings

Kids should learn how to express feelings while being in a social place like school. Not just about expressing their own but also understanding others’ feelings is important. 

Understanding what hurts someone or what makes a person happy is vital for their social development. They must understand that physical behaviour isn’t the only thing that can hurt someone. So, they must speak calmly and not scream or throw things at someone.

All of these ensure that in their kindergarten class, they don’t hurt another kid. Also, having this social skill is vital for all relationships in the future. Although, knowing motivational quotes on daily basis can also lead a kindrgarten kid to move towards the right path.

Understanding that All Stories Aren’t Real

Although this isn’t one of the skills required for a kindergarten kid but is important. Kids love listening to stories, which is good for their mental growth. 

However, sometimes they mix reality with stories. They start trusting the stories so much that they believe them to be real. That is why it is very important to understand that there’s a difference between the two. 

Also, kids need to gradually improve their judging capabilities. They need to differentiate between a story and a fact. Real events and fictional events sometimes have many similarities. But, it is essential for us to teach them how the two contrast each other in reality.

Learning to Do a Task without Supervision

We still see some teens struggling to do work on their own. They always need someone to supervise them or correct them. 

What we are talking about here is a very bad habit. But, it doesn’t start out of nowhere. Wondering why that will probably take you back to the kindergarten days. There you may find that they were never allowed to do anything independently.

Growing such a habit can prove costly to their academic and personal life. That is why kids should be taught to do things on their own, right from kindergarten. Even if they fail to do it properly, they still should be left alone. 

Being Able to Follow Multi-Step Directions

Learning to take directions is one of the most important things kindergarten kid should know. The practice should grow right from kindergarten days. 

Maybe, in the beginning, kids will be able to remember 2-3 steps. But, growing the habit is more important for them as it will help in the future. From baking a cake to creating a chemical reaction in the laboratory – everything happens in steps. 

Therefore, this habit inside them can help them to understand complex duties. They can even engage themselves in various hobbies that need to follow instructions. 

Taking Risks While Staying Safe

Many children get scared and anxious in their kindergarten school. They might carry on this lack of self-confidence and courage in their school life later too. Their anxiety pushes them away from taking new steps or risks. They are scared of being scolded or punished for wrong decisions that they might take. 

However, for young kids to flourish their minds, they should have a free mind first. Without that, they can miss several opportunities. Maybe, they will also miss exploring places. Or, they even can fail to give new ideas a go, fearing they might fail. That is why parents should support and encourage them.

The Conclusion: Kindergarten Is The First Step To Learning

So, all the above points were just an overview of what kids should learn as kindergarten students. The kindergarten days are probably the period when they study while having fun. Thus, it is good if they quickly grab different basic skills in these years.

Out of all the important things kindergarten kid should know, taking decisions independently is crucial. Parents must make their kids understand how taking risks while being safe is not a crime. Only from mistakes can they start building their pillar of success. And yes, the habit should begin before kindergarten.

Learning important things at this age makes way for a better academic life. Not just in academics but in other aspects of life too. These are the most prominent and important things kindergarten kid should know that are like seeds that are planted and watered. Only after then it will grow into a tree and rise to its fullest glory. But, if they fail to water and fertilize them accordingly, the tree might grow weaker than others. 

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