How To Do Group Study Without Getting Distracted?

How to do Group Study?

Do you have any stress on the amount of syllabus that is remaining for your exams? It’s time to develop strategies; instead, you keep on rotting the content. Here we are with amazing advices about group study without getting distracted that will help you score great marks. It’s undoubtedly a fact that you must have been working more than ten hours a day. But the surveys have recorded that the quality study you do during your exams is that of just four hours a day. Students are becoming more practical than focusing on the theoretical concepts and their understanding. But at end of the day, they have to give final examinations to get a detailed marks as proof of their education. Well, nowadays students don’t prefer to study for the entire year as they wish to become independent for which they indulge themselves in other activities apart from learning.

Students who want to achieve high grades know the difference and how to focus on their studies without distractions. Someone has rightly said that ‘no distractions, deep focus’. When the examinations come near, there gets a situation of the hustle and bustle among such students. It is because they have spent all their semester doing other activities. The students who are pursuing courses that consists more of theoretical subjects feel it less difficult to face. All they do is to take out time a month before the examinations and spend nights learning it. This is known as Rot learning, which is harmful to our education system. On other hand, here come the students who have a practical subject like- Information Technology or Computer Applications. It becomes hard to deal as they have not attended even a single lecture at school. This is the point when friends become the lifesavers.

So, this article is just for you. Here, we will cover different ways through which you can save yourselves from any kind of distractions. There are many possible reasons due to which students fall pray to such distractions. This may include- lack of interest etc., but now is the time to motivate you so that you can focus. So don’t let any kind of distractions drain you you’re your respective schedule.

Tips to avoid any kind of distractions while doing group study

Let us now discuss some of the tips for group study without getting distracted that can help you study better with your group mates. This will benefit you in enhancing your productivity and make you effective and efficient for learning things quickly. Some of them are as follows:

  • Some topics are long and time-consuming. So break it into smaller parts and learn one by one.
  • Sit at a quiet place to enhance your concentration level. The best way to concentrate is to sit at a place that is calm and peaceful.
  • The efficient study can be done in a quiet environment.
  • The silent space increases the level of concentration, and with this, the productivity enhances further.
  • Clean the workspace to avoid distractions.
  • Students are habitual to look here and there while studying. To clean the space when you sit to study, which will reduce the level of distractions.
  • Understand each other’s points of view and explanations.
  • Discuss things with each other to find out the best alternative.

Advantages of Group Study to the students

Here, we will be focusing on the group study and what makes it beneficial for the students to prepare for their final examinations and how to get good grades. Following are some of the important advantages of Group Study for the students:

  1. Easily helps in learning and avoiding multi- tasking

When students sit to study with their fellow mates in a group, it is easier for them to learn things faster. It gives them a sense of motivation and competition to see who learns it first. The things you learn while doing group study are sure to stick to your mind for a longer period. Group study helps you to identify difficult topics easily when you discuss them with your friends. It saves a lot of time to clear confusion in any topic you feel is hard to understand.

2. Helps in identifying the ways to understand a topic of the missed notes.

It is possible many a time that students sometimes miss out on some important points. Group Study allows students to get access to all the necessary points required to answer a question. When they discuss things together in a group, they easily find out the missing statements. So it is beneficial in identifying your mistakes and missing notes.

3. Healthy environment to study

A healthy environment to study gets created when children sit for the group study. It destroys the monotony of studying alone and learning things. When you sit in a group, you c=get to learn new tricks to learn things quickly. Also, you discuss points related to the topic, which again benefits you in learning it. Also with your friends, you can create a distraction sheet and set up time table to avoid any kind of distractions from mobile phones or through any other digital media.

4. Sharpens mental skills

When you study with your group of friends, you know about new methods that your fellow mates must be following in learning and understanding things. It is not to mention that you might be using the wrong methods. It is just that adding new ways to learn things is sure to sharpen your critical thinking skills. And, it further assists in finding quick ways to study from each other.

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